According to CCHS, 2 percent of the Canadian population suffers from gambling disorders. What to do if you notice the habits of a gambling addict? How to help a loved one who is addicted to gambling? And what is “madness”? Find out in today’s article how to play safely for mental health.

Gambling is not a means of earning. It’s about entertainment. Calculate your funds wisely. Play only at trusted casinos. Use all game restriction tools if you notice an addiction. Don’t be afraid to talk about it with your loved ones. Asking them for help is fine.

What is gambling and how many gambling addicts are there in Canada

The Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS) deals with addiction issues. According to it, about 2% of the Canadian population suffers from gambling addiction. Too, about 1.5% of them have pathological problems.

Ludomania is a strong gambling addiction. This is when you simply cannot restrain yourself and lose the last money.

Recent studies have revealed that two-thirds of Canadians have tried gambling at least once. In particular, the Canadian Partnership for Responsible Gambling reports about 76% of Canadians. This is quite a big number. Ludomania is a serious psychological illness. You cannot leave it to chance.

Let’s see what are the signs of gambling addiction?

Signs of gambling addiction

The most common signs of gambling addiction include the following:

  • the disproportionate ratio of game and personal life
  • loss of interest in everything but games
  • sudden mood swings
  • loss or increase in appetite depending on gaming success
  • spending all your money on playing slots or roulette
  • lack of other topics for conversation, except for playing in a casino

Many people who periodically spin slots have encountered similar problems. But only those who know the measure can truly enjoy the game. How to protect yourself from gambling addiction?

Gambling is not about making money

You must understand that playing slots is not a way to make money. It should be seen as entertainment and nothing more. The opportunity to hit the jackpot tempts many people. Such a mindset is fundamentally wrong and even destructive.

Because it forces you to rash acts. Emotions take over you and you stop analyzing how much you spent on the game.

In order not to get into gambling addiction, you need to get rid of this perception of the game as soon as possible. You can do it through rethinking. Also, a great tool for this is keeping a diary or sessions with a psychologist.

Look at playing slots online as a just pastime. Do you go to the cinema or cafes? Playing slots or poker is also a kind of paid entertainment. Most casinos also pay taxes to the state. You need to perceive your evenings in front of a screen at an online casino as a form of entertainment. But do not go too far with this.

Set a specific budget for the game

Before the start of the month, allocate a certain amount that you can afford to spend on playing at the casino. Track the money you use to play.

To do this, install financial applications on your phone and monitor your spending. This is basic financial literacy and the secret to any balanced entertainment. Allocate no more than 30% of your income to the game. The average income of the gambling sector in Canada is about 16 billion dollars.

So once again we repeat: there must be a balance in everything.

Use casino restrictive tools

Admit it, do you also think that casinos profit from players? In vain. Because that’s not entirely true. The casino is not profitable for the player to lose a lot at once. That is why many gambling establishments implement restrictive functionality on their websites.

For example, in slots. You can set a limit on the time of the game or on the budget per session. And as soon as you use them to the end, the system will remind you that it’s time to finish.

Do not be afraid to use this functionality, because your mental and financial health depends on it.

No need to be silent

If you still notice the habits of an addicted player, don’t sit on the fence to admit it. The sooner you discover and accept a problem, the sooner you can fix it.

In this case, the support of loved ones is extremely important. Retire with someone from your family and honestly admit everything. This is how you can get support and help. Admitting you’re wrong is not a sign of weakness. On the contrary, it is a sign of willpower and prudence!


To play safely, you need to learn how to manage your emotions and budget. Monitor your condition carefully. Never play when you are angry or anxious. This will make it harder for you to control yourself. Don’t play drunk. Limit the game time using the functionality on the casino website.

Allocate a specific budget for the game and perceive the casino as entertainment, not as income. And if you’re addicted, don’t be afraid to admit it. Contact your relatives or immediately to a psychologist. Your health is more important than any prejudice.

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