As mentioned above, according to, 26% of the world’s population are players. To be clear, that’s about 1.6 billion people in the world who play regularly. The study also states that 4.2 billion people play at least once a year.

What is the best casino online: terms explained

You probably figured out one fact — now there are a lot, a lot of gambling establishments. Therefore, it is definitely impossible to choose one and call it the best.

Especially if we’re talking about the future. After all, the online casino market is expected to grow to $100 billion by 2026. By the way, the average Australian spends $1,200 a year on online casino entertainment. At least, provides such data. It refers to the official online gambling statistics in Australia.

So even if you’ve never played, you may still be wondering: what is a v-slot? Video slots or slot machines are online games that help players to relax. As well as experience vivid emotions and, to be honest, earn extra money.

Where not to play online casino

In principle, you can play in any country. However, some casinos impose restrictions on visiting their site for some countries. Plus, they require age verification.

That is, if you are under 18, you will not be able to play slots online on some sites. As well as if your country is on the banned list.

However, everyone is probably familiar with VPNs. Therefore, let’s consider in which countries gambling is most popular and profitable.

Top countries by gambling popularity

In which countries playing slots is the popular pastime? According to the, they are:

  • Macau
  • Australia
  • Singapore
  • Philippines
  • South Korea
  • Las Vegas
  • Atlantic City
  • Cambodia
  • Malaysia

Online casino earnings are a base principle of such a selection of countries. At the top of the list are the richest owners of gaming establishments. After all, in Macau, for example, one player spends $1354 per year on playing slots.

What are the main criteria for choosing an online casino in 2022?

Check for a license

Each gambling establishment must have a work permit. But the gambling business has some oddities. It does not need to operate in the jurisdiction in which it is located. Since we are talking about online casinos.

Which countries are now the most authoritative in this field? According to statistics, there are few countries that have the most critical permissions. Their license gives casinos the ability to exist:

  • Macau
  • Curacao
  • Great Britain

Casino reputation

An online casino is like an insurance company. Only when something bad happens do you have a chance to check how good your insurance is. It’s the same with casinos. Let’s make it clear with the following example.

Imagine that you’ve won a solid amount during playing slots. If the casino easily paid out your winnings, then you have made the right choice. There is nothing to doubt.

However, the opposite often happens. Here are the most common cases of fraud among gambling establishments:

  • refusal to pay winnings;
  • the casino marks the win as a failure in the operation of the slots and refuses to pay it out;
  • the casino pushes the player to agree to 10-20% compensation of the initial amount;
  • multiple identity verification to not pay out winnings;
  • delayed payment for unknown reasons;
  • the casino introduces additional payout conditions to keep the player playing;
  • withdrawal limit.

So before making a deposit, check the reputation of the casino. This niche also has authoritative services that collect real reviews. Also, they check the reputation of each gambling establishment. For example, .

Tip: A new casino will not necessarily scam. True, this can happen, since a large number of gambling establishments have appeared and disappeared lately. But still, newcomers to the market who are going to seriously engage in the gaming business will value their reputation.

Based on the above, we can also say that there will be negative reviews about honest casinos. This is often due to the high level of competition. Yes, such reviews can be equally bought and sold.

How to pick a slot machine at a casino

Before depositing money into your account, check the number of games. What providers does the gambling establishment cooperate with? If there are well-known ones among them, like Spinomenal, Playson, or Pragmatic Play, and the games start normally, you can safely make a deposit.

Usually, the average number of slots in a typical casino fluctuates around 3000. How to choose the best one from such a variety?

The secret is that there is no better slot. Just decide on the theme, choose the volatility and RTP, look at the providers, and filter the slots according to your hobbies. Try also playing live tables or betting on sports.


Tips on how to choose an online casino can be given endlessly. The main principle is the honesty of the gambling establishment. Check the founding year. Check license (Curaçao, Macau, UK). Chat with the support team. Read reviews on niche forums. At the same time, for double-checking, write personally to the person who wrote the review. Since reviews can also be purchased.

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