Among the various entertainments of our time, people probably put slots in the first place. Especially when it comes to the Canada, New Zealand, Germany, or, for example, Australia.

To be completely frank, the rules of the game of one-armed bandits have not changed since 1894. Wikipedia points out that it was in San Francisco when Charles Fey invented the so-called slot machine.

Back then, at first, it was simply called the one-armed bandit or the fruit machine. But enough of the boring history. Let’s take a look at how slots work these days.

How do slots work

First of all, we should say that each provider is responsible for the performance of games. Before starting a slot production business, the provider must provide the certification commission with all evidence of the transparency of the games.

Here is an example. Pragmatic Play launches a new product — a Fruit Blaze slot. Before the official release, the provider carries the entire specification and code of the game to a special commission. This is the authority that issues permission for official gaming activities in a particular region.

After receiving permission, Pragmatic Play may release the game to the public. What is the transparency of slots? Let’s explain in simple terms.


Random Number Generator Explained

Each classic slot has 3 to 5 symbol reels. Modern games are no longer mechanical. Despite this, they work on the same principle — the symbols on the reels “freeze” in random positions after each spin. And depending on the position of the symbols on the reels, the player either loses or wins.

If we continued to play mechanical slots, we would be missing out on a lot of exciting features. By type: expanding symbols, castling wild symbols of other symbols, free spins, and bonus games.

Let’s make it clearer: the Random Number Generator should provide the result of each spin. That is, the combination of symbols that the player receives with each spin.

Slots work exactly on a randomly generated number from RNG. Here is how the step-by-step scheme of dropping out of a certain “drawing” of the game looks like:

  1. RNG produces a random number
  2. The mathematical module of the slot takes into account this random number and “orders” the reels to stop
  3. The game stops, forming a pattern of symbols
  4. The player receives a win, or nothing happens and the player needs to spin further

Thus the intermediate conclusion is simple. Your win or loss isn’t determined by your actions. It is not determined by winning or losing in the past. As well as the actions of other players who can play the same slot at the same time. Pure luck and nothing else.

Random number generator: how it works

Each slot creates electromagnetic noise. That is, it produces signals of a certain frequency. The generator assigns a number to each signal: 1 or 0. A specific signal frequency creates a specific absolutely random number.

What would you understand: RNG is a hardware device. On the one hand, this is a plus. Because So the fair randomness remains. On the other hand, if you press the start button a second later, the RNG will generate a different number. Not what it was originally.

At the same time, it is worth noting that only honest slot machines work in this way. And only honest casinos. It is possible to distinguish where an honest casino is and where it is not by the presence of reputable licenses. For example, Curacao or Malta.


How Slots Work: Myths, Tips, and Facts

Myth 1. Slots are cyclical and you can win if you track winning cycles.
It is not true. As explained above, all fair slots work on the basis of the Random Number Generator. This eliminates the ability to track successful cycles. They simply don’t exist.

Myth 2. Slots don’t give money after a player wins big.

Again, not true. This myth probably appeared in the days of mechanical slots. At a time when players were on guard when the slot was filled with money. And then players took the opportunity and broke the bank for a couple of coins.

Modern slot machines operate on the basis of a central server, and payments are made by round-the-clock casino staff. Therefore, it is almost impossible to track which slot “gained” money. And it makes no sense since he does not have a physical “reservoir” for this money.

Myth 3. Autoplay is less profitable than pressing the spin button manually.

Also a myth. Because the math of the slot remains the same. The outcome of each round is decided by random numbers, and not by the type of game: automatic or manual.

What else is worth knowing about how slots work?

It is worth understanding the concepts and terms of online casinos. For example, volatility and RTP (return to player). We have devoted a separate article to this issue. If you want to understand the intricacies of playing slots, read it. It will also help you delve into your favorite field and get more delight from it.

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